Friday, 17 July 2009

smoke and ashes

Ms. Match is in mourning for her lovely city, Jakarta, and all of the victims of today's bombings at Ritz carlton and JW Marriott. But she believes that this will not dampen the spirits of Jakartans and Indonesians. We are not afraid! People..please stop infecting everyone with this virus of fear and paranoia. That's just what they want, to turn Jakarta into another city of fear. (for the term, city of fear, Ms. Match credits her lovely friend, Olga Panades)


  1. True : ( But seriously, why do they have to do this?

    May the injured victims be alright, and the rest, God bless them always

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  3. I am so sorry.
    I can understand what you mean about the spreading of fear, we lived something similar in Honduras just recently.
    Hope all gets better soon,