Sunday, 29 March 2009

Weekend with future in laws

It's Mr. Match's birthday! Wanted to wear something festive but had to take into account the fact that Ms. match will be dining with future in laws who might be slightly on the conservative side when it comes to dress code.
Mango Jacket (love the jacket! what a unique cut), zara t shirt, zara jeans, atmosphere shoes, and fringed leather bag bought in morocco

Attack of the 50 ft woman with super shiny leggings

Wow.. Ms. Match looks soooo tall in this shot! It's a wonder what the right pair of pants and the right angle can do for you!
And as you can probably tell, Ms. Match is still very much in love with her super shiny high waist leggings. She wonders whether she can wear this outfit to work.
--H&M tribal print tank; DIY super shiny pvc like legging (but seriously they feel like cotton leggings!) - on sale for Rp 150,000.- contact Ms. Match by leaving a comment with your email address, available colors are black, gold, silver; Necklace at Mayestik Market, gladiator sandals SoLea--

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Checkers and Stripes

Hey! Another outfit post! Ms. match just came back from work and decided to have a leisurely dinner in Kemang with her best friend. Ms. Match managed to convince her that taking pictures in the parking lot is not that embarrassing :)
Check out more of her pictures and witty words at
(FCUK cropped jacket, thrifted UNIQLO checkered red shirt, striped satin bow tie at NAUGHTY (this accessory chain that can be found at Carrefour, they actually have pretty nice stuff! Ms. Match got this for IDR 10,000!), H&M riding pants,Atmosphere shoes, and Francesco Biasia bag

Thursday, 26 March 2009

In love with my super shiny high waist leggings!

Ms. Match is ecstatic! Her high waist latex legging is finally finished! Yup it's a DIY legging, but with store quality Ms. Match swears! Remember when Ms. Match went searching for a pair of latex leggings and said that she found material to make her own? Here is the result! Well.. actually this is the 2nd result. The first one is a regular low waisted legging. But then Ms. Match though.. hmm why not make a pair in high waist? It looks great paired with a shirt, don't you think? If anyone is interested, it's for sale by the way ( I can have them custom made!) for IDR 150.000. Hurry before the material runs out! It can be made in gold and silver as well, by the way. Oh, this is Ms. Match with her future son :) The picture is taken by the future Mr. Match.

PS: This is Ms. Match's first outfit post with a visible face. Wow... That was scary.. but not too bad..

-- TopShop shirt bought at Pettycoat Lane market for 5 quid, DIY legging, hi-top sneakers at Kingsland Rd. Market for a tenner, and lace print wooden bracelet at Malioboro street market (gift from mum) --

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Need more pink in my life!!

Here is what Ms. Match pulled together during the weekend when she and the future Mr. Match went to see Mr. Match's adorable son's performance of the Jungle Book. Since this was the first time Ms. match ever engaged with other mommies (even though she's not a mommy yet) she wanted to pick her clothes carefully. Not to have it too revealing in case.. you know.. people talk. But, boy.. was Ms. Match wrong. Tsk tsk tsk... hot pants, skimpy top and high heels? No matter how much Ms. Match thinks that people should be allowed to wear whatever they want, but she thinks this is just tooooo much. C'mon! This is an elementary school play not a bar!

(zara pants, divided by H&M top, office shoes, vintage shades found in vintage shop in Brussels, DIY necklace)

Detailed view of the DIY necklace.
After making this Ms. Match was just going crazy with the beads!! Ms. Match is seeing necklaces, trashy plastic necklaces with a mighty load of neon colored beads and real shiny gold chains. Hmmm.. she wonders if Mr. match will sponsor this project :) And one more thing.. Ms. Match is seeing pink! Neon pink! Need to get her hands on some neon pink tops or even jeans!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Weekend outfit and DIY idea: arm pouch!

This is Ms. Match's idea of a lazy weekend outfit. She wanted to define her waist with a belt, but thought better of it. No restrictions this weekend, please!
The too big boyfriend shirt: Polo by Ralph Lauren; Shorts: New Look, gladiator sandals: Office, arm pouch: Cita by Bin House

A closer look on the bag, or 'arm pouch' as Ms. Match likes to call it. Notice the batik detail on arm.

This is the first time Ms. Match is wearing it, at first glance she didn't know how to wear it (Ms. Match got it as a gift from an aunt who is absolutely obsessed with Bin House) as it looked like this:

Very clever isn't it? And very practical! Ms. Match starts to think of a DIY version of the bag. A more sparkly one perhaps, for her night outs?