Saturday, 29 May 2010

Fringe Fetish

One thing Ms. Match forgot to share is that she was keeping herself busy during her pregnancy (no more partying on weekends, etc) by doing something she loves best: making things! On one trip to the fabric store she found some cotton jersey material that she thought would be perfect for an over sized tank or t shirt. But since she still has not managed to find herself a proper sewing machine which is able to sew stretchy material, she the came up with another project: fringe necklaces! She soon got busy making herself some necklaces and started wearing them everywhere. Unexpectedly her friends began asking where she got that from and she though' a ha! this could be a great business opportunity!' Especially since Ms. Match has been wanting to start her own clothing and accessories label for some time now, but has always been to swamped at her 9-5 job to do anything about it. So she started making more necklaces she calls 'Fringe Fetish' to sell to friends. Made with soft cotton jersey material and vintage gold colored chains this necklace will be the perfect casual accessories to add a bit of flair to your everyday t shirt or tank top.
Match them with our shoes, bag, or even eye shadow! At IDR50.000 per necklace you could surely do with a couple or more ;) More colors are coming by the way. For orders please email Ms. Match at

Pssstt. regarding the label she always dreamed of making Ms. Match will be teaming up with Mr. Match for a his and hers clothing label. The necklae is a sneak preview of what's to come.