Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hello Again :)

Wow.. looking at the last date I posted something is quite a trip down memory lane. Yup, it has been awhile since my last post. But here I am again. This time starting with some outfit pics. This is me post baby by the way, still with a lot of left over 'baby fat', which is actually one of the reasons why I have stopped blogging. Yes, I am that vain. And no, it's not a bad thing to want to see yourself looking good.
Anyway, this is as good as I look on a weekday morning, going to work wearing my own design combined with some of my wardrobe staples. Oh, forgot to mention, alexalexa womenswear is finally here! Started selling some Spring/Summer 2012 designs since last year (October) and now we just soft launched our Fall/Winter 2012 designs at Indonesia Fashion Week. No, not a show, only a booth, but I am very very proud about it :) Super excited to see where this leads. Meanwhile let's hope these image entertain you. OH, and the third person speak? No longer happening, I've sobered and wizened up I guess.

Alexalexa wide leg pants, Express tank top, unbranded cardigan, unbranded rope belt, bangle bought in Bali
Say hello to my super cute baby boy!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Fringe Inspiration

Ms. match just updated herself with spring/summer trends and came across this fun fringe dress by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. Just look at the colors and the movement on those fun fringes! who can resist dancing the night away in that dress?
This number then reminded Ms. Match of a long forgotten project she was going to do with her fringe necklace, the multi color fringe fetish! Here are 2 colors she came up with: Ocean Affair and Frolickin' Berry. Hurry up if you want them! There are only 3 Frolickin' Berry left! As usual you can just email your order to monique_natalia@yahoo.com along with your address.
Frolickin' Berry

Ocean Affair

oh, there is also a new shade of blue

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Fringe Fetish

One thing Ms. Match forgot to share is that she was keeping herself busy during her pregnancy (no more partying on weekends, etc) by doing something she loves best: making things! On one trip to the fabric store she found some cotton jersey material that she thought would be perfect for an over sized tank or t shirt. But since she still has not managed to find herself a proper sewing machine which is able to sew stretchy material, she the came up with another project: fringe necklaces! She soon got busy making herself some necklaces and started wearing them everywhere. Unexpectedly her friends began asking where she got that from and she though' a ha! this could be a great business opportunity!' Especially since Ms. Match has been wanting to start her own clothing and accessories label for some time now, but has always been to swamped at her 9-5 job to do anything about it. So she started making more necklaces she calls 'Fringe Fetish' to sell to friends. Made with soft cotton jersey material and vintage gold colored chains this necklace will be the perfect casual accessories to add a bit of flair to your everyday t shirt or tank top.
Match them with our shoes, bag, or even eye shadow! At IDR50.000 per necklace you could surely do with a couple or more ;) More colors are coming by the way. For orders please email Ms. Match at monique_natalia@yahoo.com

Pssstt. regarding the label she always dreamed of making Ms. Match will be teaming up with Mr. Match for a his and hers clothing label. The necklae is a sneak preview of what's to come.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Too Good To Be True?

Ms. Match knows she is supposed to stick by her promise, which is to post maternity clothing tips, buuut since she already gave birth about 3 weeks ago, her time now is pretty much occupied with taking care of her newborn son. And searching through hundreds of pics in her laptop to find a blog worthy picture is just not what she has in mind while breastfeeding and typing with one hand. So to pass time she resorts to her old hobby, blog walking :) and came upon these pair of super cool wedgies by Hussein Chalayan for PUMA at Disneyrollergirl's blog. A pair of booty wedgies that are comfortable?? Too good to be to be true! Check it out and drool, ladies!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Ms. Match is Back!

Wow.. finally Ms. Match manages to open her blog account again. It's a bit weird.. So much has happened. For one, the getting married thing. Next up, getting knocked up straight away :) after that work just got too crazy for a preggie lady with a blog. So she needed to sacrifice something. But, now she is relaxing on her early maternity leave and after 2 weeks of being lazy and lounging around watching countless DVDs, she decides to start again. However, she doesn't quite know what to write about though. Shopping? Nothing exciting. Only baby stuff so far. Super cute baby stuff.

She was surprised to find out how much 'baby stuff' she needed to buy for the baby. Since Ms. Match is totally blind regarding the needs of a newborn baby, she asked one of her good friends who just became a mother to provide her with a list, not that she did not get a full list when she popped in the baby store at ITC Kuningan to do her shopping. There were more than 30 items on the list! Wow.. she didn't know that someone so small would need sooo many things. And the list just keeps growing. Anyway.. enough about baby stuff, what about mommy stuff? It was a bit hard for Ms. Match to come to terms with the bloated image she sees in the mirror everyday. And of course, the image keeps getting bigger everyday! So there is an issue of size when choosing of things to wear. She also needed to say goodbye to her beloved high waisted pants, skitrs, and belly belts. What to wear though??

The amazing thing is that so far she has only bought 1 article of maternity clothing which was a pair of capri jeans that she hardly wore because the elastic was a tad uncomfortable around her constantly growing tummy. After that, lesson learned, she decided to just buy regular clothes (a size or two bigger) and maximize what she has in her closet. This will be discussed at great length at the next post, including tips on how to maximize your wardrobe for pregnancy. Meanwhile she just needs to sort out her pictures for the next post. See you soon!

Friday, 17 July 2009

smoke and ashes

Ms. Match is in mourning for her lovely city, Jakarta, and all of the victims of today's bombings at Ritz carlton and JW Marriott. But she believes that this will not dampen the spirits of Jakartans and Indonesians. We are not afraid! People..please stop infecting everyone with this virus of fear and paranoia. That's just what they want, to turn Jakarta into another city of fear. (for the term, city of fear, Ms. Match credits her lovely friend, Olga Panades)