Friday, 29 May 2009

Should I work in a cotton candy store?

Coming home after 10 pm every night really is not good for this blog. Ms. Match has not posted for too long! anyway.. for some reason Ms. Match has been wearing oodles and oodles of pastel colours! here are a couple of examples.. maybe she should work for a cotton candy store instead? :)

This picture was taken in the talented Barli Asmara's studio, while Ms. Match had a meeting with him for her wedding kebaya. The studio is all white and filed with all sorts of nice dresses which made Ms. Match wanted to change the concept of the wedding from traditional to a more modern one so she could wear one of his nicely detailed dresses! One thing about Barli that Ms. Match likes is that unlike a lot of other Indonesian designers who uses tons of bling-blings (ou know what Ms. match means, right?), he concentrates on textured details. Smocking, pleating, weaving are some of his techniques that Ms. Match looooves. We were talking about a kebaya with a huge bow at the back made with a weaving/smocking technique. yummmy.... and also some detailed shoulders.. hmmmm... I wanted to be courages and have a futuristic kebaya with structured shoulders ala Balenciaga, buuuuttt.. maybe the family would not like it so much. This is a family affair after all.
--Express tank top (FO bought), thrifted multi coloured rose printed pencil skirt (ps. senen), DIY bolero, thrifted scarf tied in a bow for a belt (Brick Lane sunday up market), office shoes--

--thrifted top and skirt (this one cut short from the one Ms.Match wore before as a tube dress) both at Ps. Senen, unbranded studded belt and studded necklace bought at Petticoat Lane Market, Mango kimono style jacket, vintage bag borrowed from Ms. Match's mother, white straw bowler hat, Office gladiator sandals--

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Please forgive me..

Girls.. please forgive Ms. match for stealing this straight off the super fabulous blog of susie bubble Even though ms. Match knows that most of yu probably read her blog religiously everyday. Ms. Match's excuse is that, she is simply I LOVE with these shoes! And she could not stop checking back susie's post to drool at the shoes. Anyway.. the brand is Omelle, which was borne from the two genius minds of LA Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Cherise Angelle and Nicole LaFave. Their passion for luxurious footwear and their unique and distinctive taste brought about strong structured boots made from fine leather with a fierce looking pair of unique heels combined with some chunky knitwear. How can Ms. Match resist that??? ..Pssst.. looking at these gave her tiny orgasms.. hmmm
However these can not be found in their website as linked above, as these are their AW 09-10 collection and what they are still featuring on their site is their SS 09 collection (which is equally awe inducing). And this is also the reason why Ms. Match chose to post Susie's pic (sorry...too tired to google some more ...)Oh here are some pics of their spring summer as well. Enjoy!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

still showing off

In this picture ms. match was still loving her (then) new heels and wearing them to their death (they are now scratched everywhere due to heavy duty wearing). After a while her legs complained, but she still didn't want to give in. Of all the silly inventions in the world, why can't anyone make retractable or detachable high heels which can transform into a pair of comfy flats when our legs are tired?
--unbranded white tee, FCUK tie dyed tank top, H&M shorts, necklace found in a market in London, leather satchel bought in a market in Morocco, and of course... the Topshop heels!--

50s coca cola ad remake

ms match has a thing for 50s advertising. Once she even did a beauty shoot with this theme for Harper's BAzaar (need to dig up the magazine!). anyway.. this picture was taken on the last day of INAcraft.. another example of my laziness to resize image and post Hrrmmm... anyway.. i used to do this whole tied scarf thing almost everyday during my rockabilly wannabe days

--Republic shirt. Levi's Type 1 jeans, 5 quid plimsoles, vintage scarf, rouge unlimited shu uemura lipstick--

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Belated Post..Why Am I Sooo Lazy These Days???

Well actually.. Ms. Match is lazy because she has tons of things to do at work and when she gets home at whatever time it is (be it 9, 10, 11, 12, or even in the wee hours of the morning) she is now just too damn tired to write some more. Now she starts asking herself the question: do I work to live or do I live to work? The latter is a big no no in her world. But.. as you can see working 12 hours a day equals to no personal/social life. Anyway... enough with the curhat colongan. Here are some pics from Elle's anniversary party which happened a loooooong time ago (I believe some time in April?)
The lovely fashion editor of Elle and one of my bff. The dress is Biasa. Love the layers!

Elle's Editor in Chief, Adeline (another bff) in Priyo Oktaviano. A bit pricey but I have to admit the dress did make her look even hotter! Love the simplicity of the dress and how it just spells out GLAM with an understatement.

Adeline with the infamous Chandra Gupta, penata rambut handal ibu kota :) Seriously, he is damn good! He gave me my first mullet cut! Thank yo, Be...

Lovely Nanda, a former colleague, and now (I think) a freelance stylist. Ms. Match hearts big bows!

The man of the hour. Chandra Gupta, Ms. Match and Elle team

Bang Ben looks mighty cool in this pic. Luuurrrvve the jacket, reminds ms. match of a tuxedo jacket she once found in Portobello market but didn't buy hiks hiks..

Sunday, 17 May 2009

caught at work

Ms. match just learned about a cool new fashion and beauty website (blog?) about 3 months ago, and she thought that it is pretty cool. For you jakartans, ms .match is sure that many of you have heard of They have personal and interestingly written reviews about all things beauty and fashion both from Indonesia and outside of Indonesia. After the discovery of the site, ms. match began checking it out religiously. Her verdict: not bad...very recommended for those of you who likes knowing the latest updates in beauty (especially make up) and sale information. anywaayyyyy what Ms. Match didn't know was that this website is managed by a friend she used to know back in her beauty editor days, she goes by the name of koukla in the site. so anyway.. ms. match thought that she wanted to learn a bit more about the site so she invited koukla to come and have a small chitchat on a monday morning. To cut the story short, she came, with her partner in crime, hanzky, and we talked, we laughed and took pictures as fashion bloggers do. is the pic which they posted in their street snaps section (which ms. match always checks out! so this is a 'caught red handed' moment that ms. match does not regret. thanks girls!). Ms. match also took earlier versions of the outfit in the morning before the skirt got wrinkled up.
--FCUK cropped jacket, Topshop neon green tank top, green skirt thrifted at pasar senen, vintage butterfly belt also found in pasar senen, primark booties, some gold bangle ms. match found in bangkok, and a cheapo headband that she used to camouflage her greasy dirty hair which she hasn't washed for 3 days due to recent color change--

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

random things and late postings

Ms. Match has been tagged by the lovely Wina, to post these 10 random facts about herself. So here goes. First rules...

1. each blogger must post this rules
2. each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves
3. blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules . you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names .
4. don`t forget to leave them comment telling them they`ve been tagged and to read your blog .

And here are the facts

1. Ms Match is addicted to fashion blogs and can't stop reading them (so much more inspiring than magazines sometimes), even when she is supposed to be sleeping. Like now!
2. Wants to stop being a corporate slave and be her own boss
3. Wishes the Indonesian government would stop trying to control men-women relationships (honestly she still gets these huge 'areyoucrazylisteningtothoseoldtwats' looks from friends who have never been to Indonesia whenever she tells them that it is not legal to live with your boyf or girlf in indonesia)
4. At one point she wanted to be known as the girl who wears stripes.
5. She misplaces her phone about a gazillion times a day
6. The one thing she could never resist buying is shoes! it's a good thing her feet are huge and not many labels carry her size here in Jakarta
7. The one thinng she hates the most about her looks are her dark under eye bags, attempts to remove the have included trying 50 different eye creams, masks, those cold compress you put on your eyes to depuff, etc.
8. The way she dresses now sort of resembles how she dressed when she was 12! Seriously! the whole bright leggings, short skirt combo thing was her look back then.
9. She has a love and hate relationships with super creative designers, she loooooves their designs but absolutely envies them for being that creative that daring to go out and do their own thing. Especially local Indonesian designers and labels. So you can guess going to Inacraft was such a torture for her. So many great designers and crafters out tehre, makes her ache to pack up her stuff in her tiny cubicle wave good bye to the big boss and start her own thing
10. Finally.. the last number..Ms. Match wants to be able to surf!!! Ms. match actually tried her hands (or feet?) at surfing about 3 years ago (2 serious lessons at surf school) and managed to stand up a couple of times. She just needs to get rid of her fear of huge waves and unsteady balancing even though her chance of going to the beach has lately gone from once a month to about once a year. *sigh*

Ok last rule, tagging their bloggers.. umm i think i will have to break this one, sorry will only tag 5 other bloggers (Ms. match doesn't know that many!)

1. Anan
2. Dewi Utari
3. chekka cuomova
4. alia from
5. reza

Sunday, 10 May 2009

satin blue and cotton yellow

Ms. match just had an emotionally and physically exhausting weekend. At least colors made her happy. Oh.. one more thing, She's got new hair color! Yay! Late Friday night she managed to convince a colleague at work to do her hair (thanks a bunch, Ndra!). He used a magenta color from L'Oreal Professionnel for the cool chunky highlight. Ms. Match wanted dark blue from L'Oreal Professionnel's spring sumer collection, but it took more time to do and Ms. match had a meeting right after the color job. so... maybe next time? But looking at how it turned out, Ms. Match thinks she will keep this one for awhile. She loves it!

--thrifted blue satin top (at pasar senen), Gaudi grey vest, Moto jeans, DIY space invaders necklace, hi top sneakers bought at Kingsland road market-- Mr. Match thought that the blue top looks too much like something an ibu-ibu from the 80s would wear, which is quite true (since it came from the infamous pasar senen, probably the top did come from a korean ibu-ibu's closet some 20 years ago)! so Ms. Match did her best to make sure that it does not resemble that part of 80s look in any way, hope it worked!

--thrifted yellow skirt worn as top (at ps. senen), Primark belt, cardigan bought at factory outlet somewhere in bandung, unbranded leggings, vincci shoes, unbranded knitted headband, new necklace bought at gaudi for IDR 98.000--

Today the sky looked exceptionally blue. so unlike Jakarta. Just in case no one believes her, Ms. Match took a picture of it. This is In front of McD Thamrin by the way. She took the picture while driving.

PS: This was not photoshopped in any way!

Friday, 8 May 2009

will kill for shoes

Ms. Match just found these babies on this cute blog by ciara. Aren't they just to die for??? love the lego-ish and sculptural look. unfortunately all of ms. match's budget just have to go towards the big day (starts with a W) that is coming REAL SOON. So for now she will just drool and imagine that she has all of these beauties in her closet. The shoes are designed by Danish designer Nina Hjorth, a graduate of London College of Fashion and Royal College of Art (see... british fashion and art schools churn out cooler and coller graduates by the year! am proud to be an alumni). Check out more of her work here.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

rock bands and neon colors, yummmm...

Ms. Match went to Rolling Stone magazine Indonesia's 3rd (TBC..haha) anniversary private party tonight. Everyone was wearing black tonight (you know, rocker's dress code..), but for some reason Ms. Match thought that the dress code was electric (meaning electric colors? :) ) so this is what she wore. She saw a sool new badn as well, the cuts (Hmm i guess that's what she heard when the MC announced the band). Well.. the band might not be new, since Ms. match has been quite out of touch with the music scene, but these girls sure rock! Love their hair by the way!

office outfit, before the party
--unbranded cardigan bought at mall ambassador (the color is actually neon yellow, absolutely in love with the color!), sation top thrifted at ps. senen, harequin skirt bought at ps senen, primark tights, unbranded shoes bought in Paris--
at the party Ms. Match had to take the cardi off, it was too damn hot! And being careless as she is, she nearly lost the brand new cardi! good thing it's bright so it was easy to spot

with old and new mavericks

the cool vocalists of the cuts

cool hair, eh?

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cheap thrills at Pasar Senen

Ms. Match had the Sunday all to herself today. Mr. Match is away on a business trip to Bali. All of her thrifting friends were not available, but Ms. Match desperately needed a color boost for her drab looking wardrobe, especially after seeing tavi's looks in style rookie and diana's look in hot chocolate and mint (They are always playing with color!), so she bravely ventured to Ps. Senen on her own. After spending about 2,5 hour in the market, she managed to come up with about 13 pieces of assorted tops, skirts, and a dress.

Everything is a little bit wrinkled (well actually a lot) because these clothes came from huge sacks all squished together. Most came either from Japan or Korea. I am quite suspicious that these clothes were sent here to be donated to charity but instead end up being sold. But this also happens in places like South Africa, and other so-called third world countries. And Ms. Match once read that because of the overwhelming number of donation places like Oxfam and Salvation Army get, they end up selling most of them to third world countries like Indonesia (but then use the money for charity- so they say). Anyway... people like me who live in thrid world countries and cannot afford to load our wardrobes with designer stuff or even all high street brands, are reaping all the benefit. And, of course, also the abang-abangs who sells them.

There are some stuff left that is already in the wash. In total Ms. Match managed to find 13 pieces and spent only 130,000 which is about 13 US dollars! Woohoo that's what Ms. Match calls retail therapy. Once again she vows to never shop at Zara, Topshop, etc, again (yea right..) Now Ms. match cannot wait to try these out when they are clean. So many mix & match ideas are going through her head right now. Some will need to be shortened, tightened, and mended, but most of them are still in perfect condition! Look out for more colorful outfit posts soon!

PS: Pasar Senen is not what it used to be anymore :( going there used to be such an adventure, as it was placed outdoor previously with these blue tents that made all the clothes look like they had a bluish tint. Now the pemda DKI administration has decided that Pasar Senen needed a make over, so they forced everyone to take the spaces in the sort of abandoned department store (on the second floor). The old Pasar Senen used to be dirty, rowdy, smelly, hot, and noisy, full of abang-abang flaunting their wares at the top of their lungs, and FUN. The new pasar Senen is cleaner, a little bit cooler (as in not so hot), quieter, and not so much fun anymore. Now going to Pasar Senen, is like going to Melawai Plaza, minus the air conditioning. Ms. Match misses the old pasar Senen. Who agrees with her?