Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Need to get rid of my shoe addiction

Ms. Match seriously needs to get rid of her shoe addiction! Especially since she lives in a tiny rented room (a.k.a indekos in indonesian). One side of her wall is already lined with shoes! And she is still thinking to buy more shoes! She went to plaza indonesia today to look at pedder red for some nice heels, fortunately she did not see anything worthy enough to make her take out her magic golden card and take the shoes home. Especially since the shoes are quite expensive there! She also went ot see the sales at Nine West though and she saw a pair of cute shoes with her favorite color: orange! Actually it was more of an off shite color with an orange detail. Cute! But a bit painful, because it was too tight. She has no experience with Nine West shoes. Anyone care to comment on the comfort factor?
Anyway.. in this otfit Ms. Match is wearing her brand new shoes which she bought at the Topshop in KL (oh how I miss the gigantic Topshop shoe lounge in London!). The outfit is a thrifted dress which she DIY'ed to look like this. Cut of the bottom which initially went past her knees, and cut off the sleeves which was a propoer 80s puffy sleeves with shoulder puff. The rest of it is a plain pink t shirt, and DIY necklace, ohh and a thrifted vintage belt from Pasar Senen (must go back to Pasar Senen soon!).

Oooohh.. aren't they gorgeous? Ms. match is currently in love with tough looking shoes. Perfect to toughen up cutesy dresses.

Monday, 27 April 2009

white on white on white o white on white on white

Ms. Match has never worn white on white before. This is her first time, so be gentle, ok.. Decided to break the whites with a strong black belt but still give a cutesy vibe with this pink DIY spaceinvader necklace.
The skirt actually comes down to Ms. Match's knees, but she just figured out that the skirt can be shortened and cutified by pulling the hem up until it sits on her hips. Voila! Instant balloon skirt! Isnt's that practical! She tried walking around in it and the hem stayed put that way! Please forgive the terrible quality of the pics, again taken by a crappy phone camera. Mr. Match took this pic and he also took a pic of the skirt before it was short. Will have tonag him again tomorrow to email Ms. Match the picture.
--H&M top, Zara skirt, vintage belt (tied), DIY necklace, lace print wooden bangle gift from mum bought at Malioboro market, Office shoes--

Sunday, 26 April 2009

ms. match is willing to be kidnapped and taken to a remote island

it's been too long since ms. match last posted something, and she has a great excuse for it. she was on a short holiday with her best friend! it was Langkawi. beautiful beach, really soft powder like white sand, clear and calm waters (at p. payar has clearer waters, perfect for snorkeling). she didn't want to go are some pictures. as you can see ms. match was trying to pack as light as possible, hence the repetition of skirt.

--topshop swimsuit (worn as a top), vintage scarf, mango skirt, white flipflops bought at warung for about IDR 30,000 or about 40 US cents (can be found at all carrefours and ginats i think, very comfy!! and they have baby blue and pink as well!--

--non branded tank top bought at factory outlet, top shop bikini, mango skirt--
due to too much shopping at ikea (yeah, we don't have ikea in indonesia.. and ms. match needs to start thinking about furnishing her new house to be!), ms. match had to put on as many things as possible to avoid over weight fee from the bitchy crew who checked her in.

--sarung bali worn as scarf, unbranded cardi bought at Melawai Plaza for like IDR 60,000 or 6 USD, koffka t shirt, zara hammer pants, various bangles thrifted everywhere--
Some beauty tips; since being a beauty editor is in ms. match's cv, she could not keep herself from trying some beauty tips on the of her favorite things to do while sun bathing is scrubbing herself with some sand and nice and creamy body lotion. the body shop mango body butter is great for that. just lather some cream on your body, slap on a bit of sand and start scrubbing. cheap scrub.

When you have bad hair day due to all the climate, do it like ms. match's best friend and use a colorful scarf as a headband. there are plenty of ways of doing this; we tried only two.
for this one, twist hair around a small hair elastic and hide the lose ends under the scarf.

ms.match loves bows. to create this look tie hair back and put scarf on with the middle at the back of your neck. bring both ends to the top of your head and tie one not. on top of that make the movement as if you are making a bow but pull one end all te way through. this creates just one loop, which reduces the bulky look.

oh, this also helps! and its very easy to make one yourself!

--Topshop corsage-

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Matching friends

Isn't this cute? Both are my work mates, Tasya and Henry. They are not a couple but they work for the same brand. they didn't realise they were wearing matching outfit until Ms. Match pointed them out. They were both wearing gray and white patterned outfits. Cute, eh? Too bad Ms. Match did not have her camera with her, so she ended up taking the picture with the lousy blackberry camera. Hmmppff..

Monday, 13 April 2009

tutu lovin'

Ms. Match is absolutely smitten by this tutu look alike skirt. To think that she is wearing this twice in one week! Tsk..tsk..tsk..
She was wearing this again today to take pictures for her early bird wedding invites aka invitations for her school friends in London so they can strat saving up for a ticket to come. Now you can see wha Mr. match looks like. He usually absolutely hates having his picture taken, but he was feeling pretty good that day and Ms. match lured him by saying that the picture will not show his face too much and will only be emailed to her London friends. Haha...better try to keep him away from this blog then!

Oh, the pictures are other samples of Mr. Match's 5 year old son's work. Do you like it? It's photoshopped a bit by Ms Match, just to give it that vintage-y look. Ms. Match is not so good on photoshop, so hopefully this looks ok. She wanted the pic to look more grainy but couldn't find out how :( anyone know how?

--Mr. Match is wearing Zara shirt, tailored pants, and Dr. Marten's oxfords (gift from Ms. Match!) while Ms. Match is wearing Topshop tank top, Mr. Match's Zara shirt, Topshop tutu skirt, primark belt, unbranded leggings, atmosphere shoes, ladyluckrulesok necklace, and shu uemura rouge unlimited lipstick--

Sunday, 12 April 2009

stripes and checks

Ms. Match could not make up her mind today, she has always loved black and white stripes, but she also really really wanted to wear this skirt that she just resurrected from her shipping box, so she wore both.
Ms. match has a word of advice for those of you who want to clash prints: keep them in the same color combination or the same color family! :)
--striped shirt found in a factory outlet somehwre in bandung; Pimkie skirt; Vintage belt at Brick Lane Market; New Look oxfords; Lace print bangle gift from mum bought at Malioboro market; DIY gold chain necklace--

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Everyday is Disco day!!

Ok. This post is a bit outdated, but whatever! So for whatever purposes this post was meant to be the post done on April 8th..That night Ms. Match was only planning to go for a quick dinner and beer after work but then her friends called and reminded her that Jamiroquai is coming to town! After so many concert being cancelled, who could blame Ms. Match for being a bit cyinical about the actual realization of this one. To cut the story short, she ended up going. As it turns out, she was a big fan of the singer when she was in high school! Good thing Ms. match was feeling festive (read: inspired by the 80s and the circus at the same time), so thinks she dressed right for the ocassion.
--Atmosphere (Primark) multicolored knitted top; Topshop tutu skirt worn high to give illusion of being part of the top; DIY shiny legging; Ladyluckrulesok necklace, Marie Clare patent leather ballet flats--
PS: a girl where Ms. Match works was wearing a cute knitted top in a similar color! Ms. Match fell in love with the shape and the color.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Lazy lazy weekend

Ms. match is feeling lazy today. She has decided to stay in with Mr. match and Mr. Match jr. watching dvds and falling aslepp. Oh.. and cooking! made some pasta for Mr. match jr. which he loved! He actually finished the whole thing (if youare a mum, you'd know how hard it is to get 5 year olds to eat). Anyway..Did not go anywhere special so didn't dress up. Here is a post of what Ms match put together one work day last week. Ms. match also tried her hand at photoshopping today. The first one is slightly photoshopped (just to asjust the color contrast) while the other one is Ms. Match 's attempt at being edgy and cool (Ouch!-- Mr. Match just slapped her for being so cheesy) Which one do you like more?
--non branded green striped tank top bought at Melawai Plaza fro an 80s costume aprty a loooong time ago (before the 80s is actualy hip again), Mr. Match's vest, yellow belt bought at Pasar Blok M for about 1 quid (IDR 20,000), Zara harem pants, small Atmosphere bag (gift from a friend), DIY candy colored glasses necklace made by Mr. Match--

Thursday, 9 April 2009

It is not a pocahontas look, people!

Woohoo! Mr. Match bought a card reader and now Ms. Match can download pics she took with his camera last week. He lost the cable and the damn thing would not work with a regular data cable. Well.. anyway...Ms. Match decided to channel the 20s look with the headband and the glittery gold details on her clothes. But guess what she got at the office? People telling her she looks an Indian girl! Hmmppffhh.. Finally one guy got it right and complimented on the 20s look! Thanks Guillaume (hope this is spelled right!
Bolero type top-- DIY (it is cream colored with golden fine lines--DIY time-2 hours)--hand sewed, Top Shop sequined tank top, unbranded wide leg pants found at Petticoat Ln. Market for 2 quid, Topshop gold glitter shoes, gold bangles (Ms. Selfridge and Bangkok bought), head band made of lace head band bought from Primark and feather brooch Ms. match got from one the press launches she attended (DIY time- 3 seconds)

Writing on the walls

Graffiti has always been a head turner for Ms. Match. Including these ones she always checks out in the vacant lots of the posh neighbourhood called Pondok Indah. This time she stopped long enough to take pictures. The truth is she really really wanted to take her outfit picture there but people were honking her already.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tattoo Debut

This is Ms. Match's newest purchase. A wooden tattoo print necklace by ladyluckrulesok at 707, IDR 200,000.- The brand is from London and Ms. match totally forgot about it when she was in London! How stupid! They have SALES there! :P Speaking of sales, this reminded her of the film Confessions of a Shopaholic, which she just got back form seeing. She used to be one, allhough not to that extreme. Sights of nice shops and especially SALE signs used to quicken her heart beat and gave her that nice rosy glow from the adrenaline rush (so you see, this made Ms. Match use less blush on, which equals money to save! *wink*). But.. not anymore.. Ms. Match is now on a very tight budget. She has a wedding to save up for which is coming pretty darn soon! So.. Ms. Match made a vow to herself that until the wedding she would stop shopping! Especially for clothes. The only new clothes whe would have a chance of wearing would be clothes or accessories she makes herself. Except for thislitle necklace here.. Ms. Match consoled herself by saying "How could I possibly make that?" That is just non DIY-able! But. then again.. when Ms. Match looked at it closely, she found an idea! And she will share it with you once she has tried it. Oh, by the way.. if you were in London, you could get one of these babies and have them print out writings on it for you! With an added cost of course. or maybe you can even order it online. Hmm.. dunno, Ms. Match will not check, she's afraid that she will spend loads if she checks.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Think pink blink mink wink ;)

Ms. Match was digging through the stash she brought home from London with her and rediscovered this hot pink silk dress from All Saints. It was such a find, again at Petticoat Ln. Market for 5 quid! It did have a a 5 cm tear at the side where the seam came lose, but that can be fixed in 5 minutes! The real price tag was around 200 quid! To make it more day wear friendly she matched it with her striphy shirt and flat shoes.
(All Saints pink dress; striped shirt found at Factory Outlet: Marie Claire shoes; leather belt at Bricklane Market; DIY bracelets, and DIY lightning bolt necklace)

Ms. Match could not find the belt she wanted, so she tied this longer one instead. She thinks it looks alright.

When she went to Mayestik market during the weekend, she saw huge huge chains sold by the meter. She thought they would make lovely chunky bracelets and even necklace (last picture). Do you think she's right?

All these brilliant photographs are taken by Mr. Match's 5 year old son with a Canon 350D. He really has a good eye! Look forward to more of his works here.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

dirty comfy plimsoles

Ms. Match almost forgot about her cheapo market bought plimsoles. Petticoat Ln. Market.. How Ms. Match misses that place! Went out to meet a friend at Bakoel Koffie. A first time having coffee here. Mr. Match was happy to see the brand of the the company he works for used as a coffee table. Pretty smart idea. This was also when Ms. match found out that the same place houses Ark Gallery. Saw 2 nice paintings, forgot who made it. Made Ms. Match want to buy a canvas and start painting! Wore one of her DIY necklace.
(Koffka t shirt, H&M pleated pants, lace print bangle gift from mom bought at Malioboro street market, vintage shades found in Petticoat Lane, plimsoles at the same market)

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Going Crazy with Beads!

As you can see Ms. Match went crazy with the iron on beads! Mr. Match also made one, the adrobale candy colored glasses. Ms. Match still has other projects in mind for this, unfortunately Toko Maju at Mayestik did not have the gold rings she wanted hmmpff..

hi top sneaker on my neck!

Remember when Ms. Match made a pink necklace from iron on beads? there was one thing she forgot to share. She went crazy with them!!! Another attempt was this one that she wore today. Oh she is also thrilled that she found her old Levi's faded denim jacket today. Faded denim jackets are sooo back! Well at least in Ms. Match's style dictionary.
--Zara black top with exposed zipper at the back, American Eagle Outfitters leggings, Office shoes,
Levi's faded denim Type One jacket
, promotional bangle Ms. Match ordered for an event back in her PR agency days, and DIY necklace
Note: Went to Mayestik today and ran into a guy who sells hats, loads of hats. Was too hungry to wait for him handling another customer and decided to come back later. BIG MISTAKE! need to go back and find him! Ms. Match thinks she saw a 'tukang sayur' hat (don't know the fashion name) with feathers! how cool is that?!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Makes Me Want to Go Buy Tennis Rackets and Neon Pink Tennis Balls

In her job Ms. Match gets to read loads and loads of Indonesian magazines for a living (and she does other things too of course!), and she often thinks that local fashion stylists, designers, makeupartists, and hair stylists have come a looooooong way and some are really that good that it's a shame not to know their work. This spread is made by one of the most talented fashion stylist in the industry in Ms. Match's opinion. Here is his newest work in Harper's Bazaar's March 2009 edition. This shoot reminded Ms. Matc how much fun it is to mix prints!
Credits: Fashion stylist: Michael Pondaag; Photographer: Yuniardi Prasetyanto (Brett); Digital Imaging: Henny Hendrawati