Friday, 26 June 2009

hey doc, meet your nurse

Wearing white always makes ms. match feel like a nurse somehow. To spice it up she decided to play with bright stockings and a leather jacket. What do you think? still nurse-y?
PS: Finally a post after sooo long.. it's hard to find time to blog in between crazy 9 to 11 (as in 9 am to 11 pm) work hours and wedding prep. Anyway this is a picture taken about 2 months ago in Stanley Allan's studio by a lovely former colleague, Ms. Dida. Finally it's up.
--thrifted white dress (ps. senen), thrifted scarf (brick lane sunday up market), unbranded necklace, Topshop purple stocking, Topshop shoes, Topshop leather jacket-- hmmm.. too many Topshop in one post I think ;)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Teddy Boy Blazer

If ms. match had been born a man, she for sure would dress like a teddy boy with their sharp suits and cool hair do. But.. finding a nice teddy boy style blazer in the men's section of Tendencies (a first time for her to visit the shop, even though she passes it every weekend when she visits mr. match) that is her size is a good substitute. Experimenting with it lead to these looks. There are still more, but ms. match needs to get her card reader. Will post more looks as soon as the pics are in the laptop.

--Tendencies blazer, Zara ruffle top (believe me, the tops has lovely unfinished ruffles all along the v-neckline. the flash from the camera overpowered the texture of the shirt, darn!), DIY leggings, Office shoes, ring bought at tendencies (forgot the brand name)--

--tendencies blazer, unbranded tank top, express tube top worn as a skirt (found at FO), Topshop shoes --

--tendencies blazer, number 61 tank top, vintage levi's 501 skirt, primark white stocking, Ted Baker shoes, vintage bag thrifted at a market in Rome for 1 Euro (am I the bargain queen or what?!)--

a slight variation on the grey on grey tone.. this one it is combined with a thriftted white top and metallic gladiator sandals

PS: Ms. Match and Mr. Match found their new house today! Finally..our own house! She is ow getting ready to haggle for more closet room :)

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Will Kill for Shoes Part 2

Browsing through fall winter collections Ms. Match found these on the feet of Balenciaga models. oooooooohhhhhhhhhh (having tiny orgasm now).. me want! Ms. match starts doing her calculations and wondering how many paychecks it will
have to take to buy these shoes.
images of shoes are from

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

neon, gold, and everything bold

Ms. Match never thought that she would be so much into neon color, but look at this. She has been wearing this neon yellow cardigan (ok.. the picture does not do it justice) to its death (remember the outfit with the harlequin skirt?). But now she just realized that she has not seen that cardigan for awhile. Oh dear..oh dear.. that's the consequences of having 3 homes at the same time (my own rented room a.k.a kos2an, family home, and boyfriend's home).. you get mixed up some times.

--unbranded polka dot top, unbranded neon yellow cardigan bought at Mal Ambassador, unbranded white pencil skirt (bought a looooong time ago, long before the days of high waist skirts..she just knew this would come in handy someday,DIY chain cecklace, unbranded studded gold bangle (well actually it is a gold painted plastic bangle), Naughty head band, Ted Baker shoes, unbranded belt, Francesco Biasia bag--

Monday, 1 June 2009

Why do so many people get married in May?

Too many wedding invitations and not even one kebaya (traditional Indonesian clothing which women usually wear to a wedding) results in outfits with a twist (what ms. match means by a twist is the corsage and the color play, but if you don't think it's a twist, well in her book it is :p )

--2 tone silk all saints dress found at petticoat lane market for about 5 quid, corsage at Inacraft for Rp10.000, Ted baker shoes--

--(X)SML top, TopShop skirt pulled up to the high waist so it would look like a dress when paired with a wide bottomed top such as this, corsage brooch worn as head piece bought at INACRAFT, Office Shoes--
PS: hair is twisted by Ms. Match herself and loads of people thought Ms. Match went to a salon to have it done--
Hair tips: For those of you with short hair (not too short though), create this look easily by sectioning off hair and then taking them up and just twisting them in place. When you have got the perfect coil (not too tight at the top so it creates volume, and a bit loose in the front), take 2 black small hair pains dan pin the sucker in place. Use 2 criss-crossing pins to lock the hair do. After that stick a gigantic pink corsage in your hair!
Too bad you can't see it, because thanks of my recent color job (red highlights), ms. match's simple twist looked more modern with streaks of red running through the do.